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Welcome to the revamped and redecorated Schnitzel Review page! Gone are the days of black and white, now it's in full colour! (well, orange anyway). Please note this website looks like shite in IE, best in Firefox or other, apologies. Also, this website link has changed since the revamp, please update your bookmarks to, not photo.htm anymore!

In place of CPOTD comes a new weekly-fortnightly segment! Here's the plan: Weekly or fortnightly, an accomplice (Scott from work) and I will sample one beef Diane and one chicken Parmigiana (respectively), and review out of 5 for Service, Presentation, Quality and Value overall.

In general terms, individual scores of about 3 out of 5 are rated as average (i.e. as to be expected). Scores of 5 out of 5 are usually only given for exceptional factors, such as mega physical sizes or super cheap prices. Service covers general hospitality feel and speed of service. Presentation covers the overall look and how big the meal is. Quality covers taste, flavour and meat quality. Value covers total costs and basic dollar-to-meat ratio, as well as any little extras the venue or meal provides. Note: If there is a special schnitzel flavour or mega-size being offered, that meal will be reviewed! Also the quality of the salad bar will be included in the score if it is intended to replace plated salad served.

When most pubs and hotels locally have been reviewed, a final comprehensive review will take place at the highest rated venue! (CPOTD archive is still here). Previous reviews can be found here on the leaderboard. Also, if it's the more traditional beer and burger pub meal that you are hungering for, check out these fellow Adelaide reviewers for a comprehensive tour, at!

On another subject, I'm interested to see who stumbles across this site, so drop me a hello or shoutout anytime at!

Latest Review: 25th May 2007 (Final)

Coopers Ale House2 25May07

The Coopers Ale House 2nd visit (Last ever review!), this is where the journey ends 14 months of deep fried delights, tonight is a re-uniting of our number one favourite schnitzel venue with over 20 people joining us in the landmark event, thanks everyone!

Chicken Maui 25May07

Chicken Maui (pineapple, salami, jalapenos)

Service: 4.8 - good service, nothing to complain about, they still managed to bring out lots of food with few staff, very organised kitchen for it's size.
Presentation: 4.7 - only losing marks because of lack of some garnish, schnitzel filled the plate and was colourful and appealing to the eyes.
Quality: 5.0 - cannot complain about the quality, meat was well tenderised, crumbing was excellent and the cheese was nicely melted.
Value: 5.0 - awesome flavour, good size for your dollar value, big enough meal without the salad and could hardly eat all the chips.

Comments: "And Kieran bails again on the very last night", overall the Schnitzel Review was awesome, we've done a lot of travelling, we've eaten a lot of schnitzels both good and bad, but it has always been a joyous occaision, we'll see you all again in the coming curry review!

Score: 4.875

Chicken Marinara 25May07

Chicken Marinara (octopus, muscles, prawns, asparagus)

Service: 4.8 - top service again, with 23 of us mostly eating schnitzels the size of A4 pieces of paper they were quick to produce our food.
Presentation: 4.8 - neatly scattered seafood portions with the asparagus neatly lined up underneath the cheese, very appetising and very large!
Quality: 5.0 - I've been waiting for this moment for months now, to be fronted by our number one rated meal, the cheese, meat, seafood...everything was excellent, very enjoyable.
Value: 5.0 - All the Coopers Ale House schnitzels are under $20, for that kind of size which can feed a family of 4 it is excellent value for a single person, top marks again.

Comments: "Just like for every mother in the wild, her offspring has to be released out of the nest eventually”, again the Coopers Ale House reign supreme, over 10 choices of sauce and flavours and size and value topping the charts, there is no other substitute. Overall, we've come a long way, the schnitzel review has been the biggest and longest running event I have ever participated in and organised, with Scott and I each spending over $1000 on these deep fried delights, lot's of enjoyable moments and even trophies were awarded on our 50th anniversary, it will be something for all to remember for a long time (hopefully your waistlines weren't busted too much!), thanks to all who participated especially those quite dedicated to the cause (Nathan) and see you at the curry review soon!

Score: 4.9

Foiled again 25May07

Upon finishing my schnitzel I noticed a piece of alfoil was cooked underneath the cheese...

Free beer 25May07 they gave me a free pint of pale, I guess that makes up for it.

TC 25May07

Timmy C giving me the thumbs up for his approval of his glorious Chicken Maui schnitty, although he says "could have been better with Don salami".

Sad Brad 25May07

Brad not giving me the thumbs up for his approval, as we discovered that yet again his order gets lost in transit (see the 9th June review at Spargos).

Buff Sam 25May07

Buff Sam hammered down his Chicken Parmigiana to be the first person to finish (Buff Sam likes winning).

Alan 25May07

Alan finishes his Chicken Mexicana leaving a very gross looking plate helped also by his facial expression.

Scott Finish 25May07

The other half of the schnitzel review, Scott, finishes his meal, with what is turning out to be the compulsory schnitzel thumbs up.

Jarrad Thumbs Up 25May07

If there's ever a photo you need to send to someone in trying to convey your approval for something, this one of Jarrad should be the one.

Cowan Double 25May07

Although a very valiant effort on Cowan's part, he only actually ate 1 and a bit of someone else's schnitzel, kind of misleading with all those thumbs ups.

Amanda Schnitzel 25May07

How lucky, the smallest person gets the largest schnitzel, again with the thumbs up approval...

Amanda Schnitzel 2 25May07

...but unfortunately Amanda wimps out and takes a large portion home in a doggy bag, thumbs down as per instructed by me.

Brad Finish 25May07

If you were worried, Brad eventually received and ate his schnitzel, currently being puzzled by Jarrad's sideways thumbs up and later being worried about his fat looking face on the train ride home that night.

Final 25May07

Reminds me of the last supper, the schnitzel review has been like a religion for me. Brad has even created a montage of some of the memorable moments (thanks Brad!) Good times...good times...

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