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The Magic Flute

Duo with Leo Auri

Moose & Squirrel Set

Adelaide Cobra Ensemble Set

Satan's Cheerleaders - Live at the Bottom of the Ocean

The Magic Flute
- or - the Circus of the Sevenfold Seal of the Sun

Here is some video of a very cool production of the Magic Flute with which I was involved. It was a 29-piece band: piano (Richard Chew), bass (Lyndon Gray), drums (me) and vocals x 26 (the Tutti Ensemble).


Collaborator: Leo Auri
Improvised Duo Goodness

Mein dickie old chum Leo and I did a bunch of concerts around Berlin in 2009. He sneakily recorded our final show, at Salon Petra, which was the best of the lot I think.

Features Leo on vocals, piano and a box of dingsbums, and me on drums and a nice resonant pot.

Leo Auri website (with heaps of stuff including a few free downloadable mp3s)



Moose & Squirrel

Live at COMA 2010/1/4

('deinos' meaning 'terrible', 'powerful', 'wondrous', and 'sauros' meaning 'lizard')


(just what causes the light)


Moose and Squirrel is what happens every time Chris, Jamie and I get together and play without specific instructions or stylistic guidance. The music is usually fairly intense, loud and fun.

For this gig we had artist Steve O'connor arting on stage with us. The songs are named after what he drew.

Lovingly engineered and bootlegged by Marty Jones, one of the best and most averagely-heighted sound guys in Adelaide.

Chris Martin – keyboards
Jamie Mensforth – bass
Jarrad Payne – drums

COMA website



Adelaide Cobra Ensemble

Live at COMA 2009/9/7

Introduction and explanation by Stephen Whittington


Set 1


Set 2


We had a lot of fun playing John Zorn's Cobra game piece. It was the first time I'd ever played with Adam or Hilary, and also my first time playing the banjo in front of a crowd. I think the whole thing sounds pretty sweat. I mean sweet.

Expertly recorded by Marty Jones, Adelaide's most versatile and least-likely-to-whine-about-difficult-bands-to-engineer-for sound-engineer.

Stephen Whittington – conductor/some noisy things
Derek Pascoe – tenor saxophone
Chris Martin –piano
Hilary Kleinig – cello
Adam Ritchie – guitar/laptop
Jarrad Payne – drums/banjo

COMA website



Satan's Cheerleaders

Live at the Bottom of the Ocean
(all tunes written by Simon Ridley)
The Cursed Hands of Automaton

The Doctor is In...sane


100% Sold on Jesus


Henry's Lament

Asleep in the Deep

download all

This was one of the first Satan's Cheerleaders shows, professionally recorded so we could use it as a demo to get more shows.

A lot has changed since 2006 but I still think this sounds pretty good. If you like this somewhat you will freaking love the album - grab it from one of these links:

Satan's Cheerleaders - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Simon Ridley - guitar, vocals, theremin
Jarrad Payne - drums, percussion
Lyndon Gray - bass
Stuart Earl - tenor sax, keyboards



Hello. This is the website of Jarrad Payne. I am a drummer, producer and composer living in Adelaide, South Australia.

Here you will find many mp3s and some videos of music by me and some of my friends. Much of it was recorded live, some of it is available to buy, some of it is just rough ideas put up for kicks. Most dates are approximate.

You can contact me at ja@scheerleaders.com if you wish, or through Facebook if you're into that sort of thing - but write something in the message bit so I know you're not just some permafrosty-hearted marketing researcher or general crazy person. I also have a Twitter account, but I don't really tweet anything much.

All the music up here is under copyright, so if you want to use something of mine for something that you or someone will be selling then please contact me first. If you want to use something of mine for something from which you won't be profiting then that's cool, but please send me a link when you're done.