Chow's Curry Review Tour

Adelaide Season 2007-09... It's all over!

We've eaten all the curry!

In place of the well loved Schnitzel Review Tour we've set our sights on Adelaide's wide range of indian cuisine restaurants for 2007 leading into 2008. Again the idea is simple, we'll be reviewing restaurants on the basis of some certain criteria, and as added value we'll be having multiple reviewers, multiple dishes, and a hotness rating so we can tell you just how hot the dishes really are!

The criteria we'll be rating these spicy delights on will cover service (e.g. professionalism, speed, courtesy), quality (e.g. meat tenderness, sauce oiliness), atmosphere (e.g. interior looks, music) and value (e.g. price for quantity and quality). These ratings will be out of a score of 10 marks each and include a little comment, and an average will be made for each reviewer's meal to make his/her final score. The restaurant's score will consist of an average of each of all reviewer's final scores.

Since this is a curry review, we have to rate the hotness of each dish. Some dishes will by nature be hotter than others, but we'll be trying to get each reviewer to try something different each week. Each dish will receive a hotness rating out of ten, not affecting the restaurant's score, unless it is really unsatisfactory!

Chow's Curry Review Tour

As an added humorous event every review, everyone who participates in the curry review must play "The Chili Roulette" ! In sequence order going around the table, each person chooses a number betweeen 1 and 6. We roll 2 dice (using an application on my trusty phone) and if one is their number they must eat a slice of red chili (seeds or no seeds, up to them)! The first unlucky person to roll their number only has to eat 1 piece, but the second person to roll their chosen number up must eat 2! Third must eat 3, and fourth.... etc! It's a risk you have to be willing to take if you come to my review! If you get your number on both dice you must eat double!

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Latest review: 20th March 2009
Raj on Taj (Hyde Park) (Final Curry Review!)

Chow's Curry Review Tour

109 King William Rd
Hyde Park SA 5061
Phone: (08) 8271 7755
Lunch 12pm-3pm Wed-Fri; Dinner 5pm-10pm 7 days

Well, not long after our 30th Curry Review special, things just felt right, and sadly the beloved curry tour of Adelaide has come to it's final domain. After over two years of saucy goodness, the last ship to the land of spices has departed. So in celebration, a lap of honour was a must-do for the winner of Chow's Curry Review Tour ... Raj on Taj! Both their venues at Unley Rd and Hyde Park have been exceptional, the best I have ever tasted, and general consensus from both friends and non-curry reviewers have mentioned to me that this place deserves the top shelf.

Thanks to all who were dedicated to food, fun and freaking hot chilis! Until next time ...

Our final score: 9.25/10

Lamb Spinach

Wow, has it been 2 years already? I can remember the first time ... there wasn't a lot of interest as schnitzels transitioned to curried delights, but how times have changed ... back in the day when Brad used to review atomic vindaloos on special request, and when Nathan still had time to review butter chicken for me. I won't say too much about tonight's meal, as you guys can read up on the other two Raj on Taj reviews ... but gosh, lamb spinach, although not the nicest thing to look at, is just delicious. The crumbly lamb meat, with puree spinach stewed together with all sorts of spices makes this a top treat. A great choice for those lactose intolerant. A delectable melt in your mouth moment! The opening photo is of the manager Mahesh accepting my award for our top curry restaurant, well deserved. Try out their new venue at Victor Harbour!

So, final comments ... Thanks to all who kept me company, Claire for the final review below, and thanks to Jarrad for hosting my site! Curries have been more enjoyable than schnitzels, I've shed tears of pain twice, and it has been fun critiquing food ... but the most fun has been when the tables are packed people all socialising and just being friends. Wow, that was so corny ... but true!

Chow's Curry Review Tour
Chow's Curry Review Tour

[Service] 9.6 -Top service with smiles as extra tables were added for my own counting mistake.
[Quality] 9.2/10 -Perfect meat texture, not too hot with spices still blooming, delicious!
[Atmosphere] 9.1/10 -Great outdoor area for good weather days, warm mood lighting was nice!
[Value] 9.1/10 -Is there a price for the best curry in town? ... yes, and $15 is well worth it!.
Final Score: 9.25/10

Hotness Rating: Chow's Curry Review Tour


Butter Chicken

Our final curry review provides a chance to reflect on our journey of the last two years, and what a journey it has been! I came to this tour reluctantly and belatedly. I'll admit that I started turning up mainly for the company and, in my first tentative steps, would arrive fortified with cereal and just snack on naan. Well. After I finally got up the courage to order my first real curry some time last October... I have learned to appreciate it, culminating in my even seeking out butter chicken extra-curricularly last week and exploring crazy new options like dipping my naan in my leftover sauce! Curry review = so much learning and growing!! Thank you curry review!

We concluded our tour tonight with a trip back to the winner, Raj on Taj at Hyde Park. I endorse Raj on Taj's win wholeheartedly (I would also note that the Unley restaurant is just as high in quality as the Hyde Park one and I would have endorsed its win also). This was my fourth and hopefully not last visit to the chain. Awesome naan and unsurpassed butter chicken ensued! I am a convert. Thank you Chow and India for all the good times!

Chow's Curry Review Tour
Chow's Curry Review Tour

I didn't do ratings since I figured it's more of a marking the occasion than an actual review yeah?

And it had been reviewed already...


Final Special Curry Award!

Thanks to Brad for submitting the most curry review entries over the past couple of years, wit and humour are always welcome. As a reward, he earns an inflatable Western Bulldogs Mascot for the footy season ahead!

Chow's Curry Review Tour

A study has shown that curry makes Brad smile.

The Chili Roulette!

So much burning, so little time ... glad to see almost everyone being social and giving the ol' chili a punt!

Claire's Roulette Hits: 1 sextuple 1 quadruple
Jas's Roulette Hits: 1 sextuple
Ken/Alice's Roulette Hits: 1 quintuple
Chow's Roulette Hits: 1 single 3 doubles 1 quadruple
Brigitta/Dan's Roulette Hits: 1 quadruple
Nathan's Roulette Hits: 1 triple 1 double
Vanessa/Richo/Ben's Roulette Hits: 1 triple
Josh's Roulette Hits: 4 singles 2 doubles
Annie's Roulette Hits: 2 doubles
Daniel's Roulette hits: 1 single 1 double
Gus' Roulette Hits: 1 single 1 double
Wiser/Burge/Eli/Byron's Roulette Hits: 1 single 1 double
DanP/Taryn/Lou/Jarrad's Hits: 1 double
George/Abby/Cat/Alan/Dong's Hits: 1 single

Chow's Curry Review Tour

The final showdown, some big pieces in there!

Chow's Curry Review Tour

Josh, the first person to eat chili on the journey gets one last roll of the dice...

Chow's Curry Review Tour

Wiser makes no sound effects as he takes on two hot ones...

Chow's Curry Review Tour

Eli happily enjoying his triple hit, seeds and all...

Chow's Curry Review Tour

Finally, big man Burge shows off his manliness with a quadruple helping!

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